35th International Racquetball Federation


Tuesday, August 27 – Saturday, August 31, 2019

Deadline for entry is August 10th   6pm

 Headquarters    Events   

MCM  Elegante (Ramada Plaza)   Mens/Womens Singles  2020 Menaul NE Albq., NM  Mens/Womens Doubles (505) 884-2511 Mixed Doubles  Rates: 1 or 2 $85 + tax ** Racketball/squash 57 3rd/4th persons add $10  Play begins Tue (Men & Mixed) Rate includes full breakfast +     

Women start Wed Registration Mon 2pm

Club Venues May play 3 events (separate categories)

NM Sports & Wellness  

Midtown  Downtown Riverpoint  ** counts as one of 3 available events 

Sanctioning Fees

International Racquetball Federation $145 for 1 event; $45 for 2nd/3rd eventUSA Racquetball NM Racquetball  Non players spectator: Daily lunch + banquet $85

Official Ball   Gearbox Black    Banquet only (Sat night) $45

Membership Rules/format/check-in

All participants (including non USA) are required to  IRF rules predominant  All round robin play

have a current USAR license. $50 1 yr; $20 1 event Racquetball rules; ball (Dunlop) 

Racquetball only players ($20 for IPRO insurance)  Monday rules meeting at 5pm, followed by social

About the Event   All pts scored count/each match 3 games to 11 pts.

A premier event for senior men & women since 1985. Categories with multiple flights include playoff Sat.  Great competition, camaraderie, & hospitality.    Heart of the Great Southwest. Supports the INFORMATION Gary Mazaroff   ‘Olympic Dream’ Campaign, having raised $500,000+ (505) 321-1110  



Entry Form—Please write all information legibly

Tuesday, August 27th through Saturday, August 31st, 2019

Last Name_______________________________ First Name_____________________________

Address____________________________________City________________ St/Province_____________Zip______

Country______________________Date of birth (m/d/y) ___/___/___ Tel ( ) ______/___________________­­­­

Email_______________________________________ credit card # _______________________________exp____

Name on credit card ______________________________________

Please indicate category in spaces provided below …..

1st event $145 _______ 2nd event $45______ 3rd event $45_______

Spectator(s) @ $85ea _____ Banquet @ $45ea _____ Credit card fee $5_____

IRF Donation $_____  Total remitted $_____

Check drawn to: WSRC  Mail to: WSRC c/o  4216 Royene NE Albuquerque, NM 87110

Deadline to Enter August 10th 6pm (refunds applied before deadline)

AGE GROUP CATEGORIES (5 year increments):

Singles 35+ to 95+  Doubles 30+ to 95+ Mixed Doubles 30+ to 95+ Racquetball Singles 35+ to 95+

(Doubles play age of younger player)  Indicate division(s) entered ________ ________ ________  

Doubles partner _________________________ mixed doubles partner_________________________


In consideration of my participation in the IRF 2019 World Senior Racquetball Championships, I hereby

for myself, heirs, executors, and administrators, waive and release any and all rights I may have

against the NM Racquetball Association, WSRC Council, IRF, USAR, NM Sports & Wellness, IPRO, 

sponsor; and their respective agents, representatives, successors, and assigns. This is for any and 

all injuries or damages I may incur whether caused by negligence of the above or otherwise.

Signature of Participant _______________________________________ Date _____/_____/____