Presidents Message


A President’s Message  January 1, 2018

Ralph Waddington; some say Malph, both are right. A Warrior, an athlete, a soldier ready to fight. His principles and values have withstood any neighborhood.  Korea to Cambodia; Oklahoma to New Mexico.  Dun An Ri, San Jose, Phoenix, and Springer; all places he’d lock on his ring finger. 

RW; gruff and hard-headed, walked a straight line. Never cross him nor be late, and you would be fine. He became ‘Pres’ when I embarked to LA; reigning in his own stubborn way.  In many ways a peach, a teddy bear, a pussy cat, who would give you the shirt off his back. A true friend—to families Craven, Goldstein, Hurley, and Karmel. To Mazaroff, St. Onge, Schoenfeld, and Westphal. To a host of others--he treated us all like brothers.

Hand him a Haagen Daz, a Blanton’s, and family Dog Bro. Throw in the ‘Skins and Fox News, need no more to sew.  Wife Edwina guaranteed his fame; and, with the kids will carry on his name.

What truly has import is in his heart; service to Family, Country, and Racquetball each a huge part. Reaching 89, a substantial score; I met RW when he was 44.

To you RW, a toast to a Great Life. Le Chaim!!