Presidents Message

President’s Message—October 2019

‘World Seniors Top Tier’

The recently completed 35th edition of World Senior Racquetball met all expectations this year. Held August 27-31 in Albuquerque, 234 individuals registered to participate in the 45 categories.  Ages ranged from 30 to 97.

We have been fortunate over this long haul to have a large group of volunteers, wonderful venues, and a passionate player base from around the world. Nineteen countries were represented; from the Americas to Europe, to Oceana, to Africa, to Asia.

Some of us have been an integral part throughout its history, evolving from being too young to qualify, to being past our prime years as athletes. A tell tale for success is the attraction of newbies to the tournament. Equally as important is the returning player base. Both were significant this year.

Quality of play across the board is strong! Ex World Champions continue to convene at the three New Mexico Sports & Wellness clubs. The WSRC could be pegged as another ‘US Open for Seniors’. A notable anecdote is that the CEO of the US Open, Doug Ganim, came to Albuquerque years ago; to experience the operation of a top tier sporting production and to play in the Championship. We would like to think that he took some of our ideas with him!

Meeting expectations can be non-serving! Complacency can set in. So, we are considering some changes and adjustments. Examples:

…Having a 4th NM Sports & Wellness venue at our disposal---Highpoint

…Keeping abreast of results more rapidly. Installing programmers at each location

for much of each day to retrieve and enter scores of matches.

…Elevating the energy levels with more professional streaming efforts, valuable prizes while

building the Raffle, and making the transportation efforts more efficient.

…Adding divisions, including a PRO singles division for anyone over 35 years of age for both

men and women. The format will be different and prize $$ may be offered.

A large part of our fundraising efforts has been to identify the International Racquetball Federation ‘Olympic Dream’ Campaign. We surpassed the one-half million dollar marker this year. We shall continue the pledge to the IRF, while building the pool of recipients. Working diligently, efficiently, cutting down on excess, and not necessarily doing ‘what we have always done’.


October 3-6 Durango Colours; Rec Center, Durango, CO

October 24-27 3rd Bi-National Pro-Am; Stout PFC-Ft. Bliss, El Paso, TX (R2)

November 1-3 Dog Bowl NM State Handball; Midtown S & W, Albuquerque

November 22-24 Meadow City; Montoya Rec Center, Las Vegas, NM

December 6-8 NM State Doubles; Midtown S & W, Albuquerque

December 12-15 Snowball; Highpoint Sports & Wellness, Albuquerque

JANUARY   Roswell addition ENMU Roswell Branch

MARCH   St Pat’s Festival Returns Clovis Community College

  NPA National Paddleball Singles/Rocky Mountain Doubles

Serving New Mexico, Southern Colorado, & West Texas since 1977

Gary Mazaroff and his new feathered friend outside Einstein Bagels in Albuquerque.

Gary Mazaroff and his new feathered friend outside Einstein Bagels in Albuquerque.