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President’s Message—February, 2019

At times we need to infuse some momentum into the daily flow of things. In programming circles, assumptions of success can translate into being nearsighted and stale, as well as creating an environment counterproductive to growth.  Wellness and athletic venues should seek smart change while maintaining the foundation from which they built success. Otherwise, members on the fence may choose a path of retreat. Smart business acumen translates into keeping trusted, loyal members happy. We must recognize their value and make them feel appreciated. With this stance in place, additional focus on the recruitment of new members becomes a good strategy.

New Mexico Racquetball is grounded in its motivation to make changes and keep things energized. Mixed Doubles was inserted into the World Seniors Championships playbook ten years ago. Mens and Womens Doubles were added five years ago at the same event. Selecting venues in cities which historically have not been on our radar have added value and have increased our sphere of influence. Examples are Lubbock, Texas; Silver City, New Mexico; and Cortez, Colorado. There is networking with other court sport organizations for hosting events; such as Squash Racquets, Handball, Paddleball, and Squash 57. We have re-structured our website to include more personal interest stories, an expanded calendar, updated rankings, and a catalogue of videos and photos for education and entertainment.  Video streaming has been incorporated into our top tier events. Finally, we strive to include a more diverse group within our organization; for better application of our mission, as well as to help us stay financially solvent. 

The current Board of Directors now includes 16 members, each with a special competency area to share with our constituency. Maintaining a Not-for-Profit status under the 501C3 IRS code requires submitting annual documents which are current. We have thirty-five years of success!  New Mexico Racquetball adheres to the IRS tax code, files annually with the NM Secretary of State, and lends its support to other ‘not for profits’. It welcomes the efforts of ‘Benevity’ programs from organizations like Amazon, Intel, and United Way. Finally, it encourages and appreciates the numerous contributors and sponsors who allow for us to move forward with sound growth.


February 11 NM Racquetball Board of Directors Meeting; Ramada Plaza, Albuquerque

February 14-17 Durango Championships; Sports Club & Rec Center, Durango, CO

February 21-24  Los Barrios de Amarillo; Golds Gym, Amarillo, TX

March 14-17  NM State Singles/Juniors; Midtown Sports & Wellness, Albuquerque

March 28-31 CCC in Spring; Clovis Community College, Clovis, NM (projected)


“invade others’ personal space only when invited” F Drahcir

Gary Mazaroff and his new feathered friend outside Einstein Bagels in Albuquerque.

Gary Mazaroff and his new feathered friend outside Einstein Bagels in Albuquerque.