Presidents Message


President’s Message May, 2019

‘Four Stars Shine in Spring’

This calendar year we are fortunate to be operating 20 events. From 26 April through 19 May, we held 4 of them ‘en seguida.’  Locations were Gallup, Pagosa Springs, Santa Fe, and Lubbock; west, north, central, and east. Thank you to the principals involved, who make New Mexico Racquetball a true statewide organization and a regional influence as well.

Fran Pawlowski and Carlos Juarez (Gallup)…Kachina Invitational

Cecil Garcia Recreation Center; City of Gallup Parks & Recreation Department

Three courts

This event began in the early 1980’s and in 1991 changed its name to Kachina by main sponsor, Abbas Fadel. The community comes together to create and support a great atmosphere. A Saturday night ritual includes sharing stories and imbibing at Sammy C’s Sports Bar. The tourney food is abundant, tasty, and consistent (thank you Archie Baca from Jerry’s). Tournament shirts are recognized world-wide.

Todd Ormonde (Pagosa Springs)…Pagosa Spring Racquetball

Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association (private)

Two courts

New Mexico Racquetball (Albuquerque as Hub) is fortunate to be close to the Four Corners region; therefore, it has operated events in Pagosa since the early 1990’s. A fantastic facility surrounded by a thriving community and 27 holes of golf. Todd had an idea a few years ago to host a second annual event. In 2018 we inaugurated the ‘Pagosa Spring.’  Now we have two opportunities each year to taste Todd & LuAnn’s lunch specials. Players from multiple states are attracted to this gem in the ‘North American Alps.’ If you have not been there, put it on your ‘to do’ list.

Butch Wilder (Santa Fe)…Santa Fe National

El Gancho Fitness, Swim, & Racquet Club (private)

Two courts

While one hopes that the social element, round-robin play, and competition would be the main draws to this annual event, the reality is that most come for the FOOD. When the largest club in Santa Fe (Club International) closed the better part of 10 years ago, program director and world-class chef (Chez Wilder) encouraged us to transition the Santa Fe National tournament to his facility. The Bourbon Grill (ex Steaksmith) sits under the same roof as the extensive fitness facility. Indoor and outdoor tennis are the main draws to this venue. A trip across the street to iconic Harry’s Roadhouse is a must!

Sharan & Ed Mooney (Lubbock)…M & M Classic

Zach’s Club on 78th(private)

Three courts

The Mooney’s have supported New Mexico Racquetball for years by playing and assisting in the IRF World Senior Championships. We turned dialogue into action in 2018 by holding the 1st M & M Classic in Lubbock. A great supporting cast makes this event special. Players attend from throughout Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and the Mexican State of Chihuahua. Zach’s is very spacious and a great place to hold the event.  Both Ed and owner Zach Thomas are ex-National Football League players. 

Quote of the Month

‘I now move like a bunny rabbit; I just

had two cataracts removed’

Dr Arturo Macias

Gary Mazaroff and his new feathered friend outside Einstein Bagels in Albuquerque.

Gary Mazaroff and his new feathered friend outside Einstein Bagels in Albuquerque.