A Success Story David Stob

Father, Friend, Racquetball player-teacher-coach, Administrator. His journey has taken him from Georgia to Michigan to Washington; and now to Chicago!

David first visited Albuquerque two decades ago to participate in the IRF World Senior Championships. A dual motivation; first, to test his skills against the best age group players in the world; second, to arm himself with ammunition on how to run a top tier event. As a member of the Washington State Racquetball Board of Directors, he had an opportunity to become the tournament director and fundraiser on behalf of his prized organization, the Children’s Tumor Foundation. 

Not only did he jump in; he jumped into the DEEP END. 

Over a period of seven years, he was able to raise close to $150,000 for this organization with the support of a dedicated group of players, sponsors, and volunteers. With his background in finance, he began to parlay his skills into the medical arena with his relocation to Seattle in 1982. 

Fast forward to 2020. He was selected as the CFO for the recent transition of McCormick Place. This is the Downtown Chicago convention center which has recently been transformed into the largest hospital in the USA. Close to 3000 beds are in place; hopefully most will not be needed. His tenure there will be between two months and one year! He is working alongside leaders from multiple disciplines; including the Mayor of Chicago and Governor of Illinois, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Air National Guard.  Total personnel under one roof approximates six hundred.

David is honored to have been selected to be in Chicago. He was ready to jump into the workforce after a one year hiatus. During the break David taught racquetball at the Olympic Club in Seattle, certified students under the AmPRO/IPRO banner, and joined our team in Albuquerque to help operate the IRF World Seniors.  We wish him well and hope to see him again in September at our 36th edition.

Gary Mazaroff

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New Mexico State Singles/Juniors Tentatively rescheduled for 25-28, Midtown, Albuquerque ( alongside NM Games)

36thIRF World Senior Racquetball Championships (Scheduled for NM Sports & Wellness Clubs, Albq. September 1-5)

St. Pat’s Festival Kachina Invitational Santa Fe National Pagosa Spring M & M Classic  (Pending re-schedule)