Dr. Damian Jelso Memorial Scholarship


New Mexico Racquetball Association

Dr. Damian Jelso Memorial Scholarship

Application for Consideration

Applicant Name__________________________Signature________________________Date___/___/___

Telephone ( )______/__________ Email__________________________________________________

Date of Birth ____/____/____ Age______ Parent(s) Name_____________________________________

College/University currently enrolled ___________________________________Year in school______

Current Major/Minor or intent if not declared _______________________/______________________

Please place a check in box next to those items which apply in reference to your racquetball history:

( ) Player for more than 10 years

( ) Player for 5-10 years

( ) Player for less than 5 years

( ) Player for less than 1 year

( ) Casual Player—2x per month

( ) Competitive Player—2x per week

( ) League player or tournament player

( ) Student in racquetball classes

( ) College team member 

( ) Member of club or organization

( ) Tournament organizer or assistant

( ) Sit on a committee or a board

( ) Teacher or Coach 

( ) Promoter

( ) Other _____________________________________________

Rank order (1 highest and 5 lowest) the reasons which explain your applying for the scholarship:

___ Somebody told you it was easy to qualify.

___ You want to give back to the racquetball community.

___ You can use the financial assistance.

___ You enjoy applying for scholarships.

___ You feel your experience warrants consideration.

The Dr. Damian Jelso Memorial Scholarship is given to worthy student athletes who attend a college or university in New Mexico on a full time basis. It may also be awarded to a specific organization in order to assist with an event, a group of events, or ongoing programs. Awards are based on applicant qualifications and success in the classroom. A minimum requirement is that the student has attended an institution for at least one semester and that the student attain a minimum of a 2.8 grade point average. The Scholarship Committee consists of members of the New Mexico Racquetball Board of Directors and one at large member. They make a recommendation to the entire Board at which time there is a vote on recipient(s) and amount of the stipend.

NMRA Revision 1/19

Scholarship Recipients

2019 Marisa Lopez

2019  Cristal  Hernandez

2018 Remy Feldman