Durango Championships 2019 

Presented by: Durango Merchant Services & Animas Janitorial Services

The annual Durango Championships (since 1980) were held at two city locations; the Sports Club and the Recreation Center February 15-17. Over 40 participants were treated to exciting play, great food, and a Wedding Celebration for Patty Molina & John McMannamon. Results follow:

Womens B Singles Ysabel Espinoza def Marisa Reimers 11-6, 11-4 3rd Rana Russell

4th Yvonne Grinnell 5th (tie) Nancy Young & Roxanne Henderson 

Mens Open Ken Cheshire d Paul Dimas  5,4 3rd Paul Dimas 4th Donovan Duran 

Mens A Jason Anderson def Gary Flores 8-11, 11-9, 11-8

3rd Francisco Pulido 4th Malcolm Justice 

5th (tie) Gustavo Zavala, Shane Kairala, David Steele 

8th (tie) Scott Brandstetter, Windser Wilheusen

Mens B Shane Kairala def David Steele 11-6, 11-8

 3rd Gustavo Zavala 4th (tie) Scott Brandstetter, Windser Wilheusen

Mens C John Parks def Kris Yazziee WBD   3rd Windser Wilheusen

4th Riley Searle 5th (tie) Ysabel Espinoza, Timothy Blasiman,

Mike Bodo 8th (tie) Alex Abeyta, David Steele

Mens D Ysabel Espinoza def Timothy Blasiman 11-3, 11-7

3rd Mike Bodo 4th Dave Steele 5th (tie) Alex Abeyta, Javier Guzman

Open Doubles Ken Cheshire & Dena Morrissey def Andrew Johnson & Fred Johnson

11-6, 11-8 3rd Paul Dimas & Donovan Duran

A Doubles Gary Flores & Larry King def Shane Kairala & Dena Morrissey  4,6

3rd Tie Mike Morales/Gustavo Zavala & George Ford/Malcolm Justice

B Doubles Hector Pena & Francisco Pulido d Timothy Blasiman & Mike Bodo 3, 3

3rd Fran Pawlowski & Janet Wells

Womens Doubles Ysabel Espinoza & Yvonne Grinnell def Marisa Reimers

& Rana Russell 2,7 3rd Roxanne Henderson & Janet Wells

Mixed Doubles  Nancy Young & Mike Morales def Marisa Reimers & Larry King 9,9

3rd Janet Wells & Fran PawlowskI