The GAMES were played June 27-30, 2019

Midtown Sports & Wellness---Albuquerque

The New Mexico Games, a multi-discipline Sports Festival, are played annually in Albuquerque and across the State of New Mexico. Established in 1989, it showcases New Mexico; its strong health & wellness ties, multi-cultures, and climate.  Racquetball continues to be one of its strengths.

Until recently, the June event included racquetball singles, doubles, and mixed doubles exclusively. In order to foster a greater sense of community and to build additional support, other indoor court sports were added:  Squash Singles, Handball Doubles, Paddleball Doubles, and Racketball Singles. Blessed with a large cadre of elite athletes across the board, players this year competed for an opportunity to secure the Court Sport Junkie Award (Supreme Athlete Award).  One must have entered and participated in three different sports. 

Many thanks to Games Legend, Fred Hultberg, for his vision. Also, to our friends at Whitener Law, who continue to provide sponsorship support. Results follow:

Racketball (Squash 57)  Womens Open Frossene King def Roseann Fitzpatrick 21-16

 3rd Marisa Reimers 4th Yvonne Grinnell

 5th Lynne Tyner

 Mens Open    Jonathan Gutierrez def Raaj Mohan 21-16

 3rd Riley Sievers 4th Kyle Lucas

5th Gary Mazaroff 6th Donovan Duran

Handball Doubles  Advanced   Danny Guajardo & Andrew Martinez def

 Bill Baker & Moises Gardea 21-14, 21-18

 3rd Leroy Lopez & Richard Zamora

 4th Oseas Torres & Adrian Valenzuela

 Intermediate  Brian Stinar & Don Stinar def

  Dave Coulie & Andrew Vanetsky 21-14, 21-15

 3rd Gary Mazaroff & Mike Morales

 4th Tim Luten & Robert Torch

Paddleball Doubles  Open  Ramon Gomez & Raaj Mohan def

 Jonathan Gutierrez & Riley Sievers 15-10, 15-8

 3rd (tie) Ken Weinman/Michael Ytuarte &

 Dan Cannady/Kyle Lucas

 5th (tie) Frossene King/Gary Mazaroff &

 Frank Martin/Lallman Poolay

Squash Singles  5.0  Elliott Adland def Jonathan Gutierrez 3-0

 3rd (tie) Chris Fontes & David Solomon

 Others: Zeb Chaudrey, Raaj Mohan, Riley Sievers

 4.5  Ramon Gomez def Richard Hammer 3-1

 3rd (tie) Remy Feldman & Kyle Lucas 

5th (tie) David Bernard & Donovan Duran

 4.0  Adam Wilson def Derek Bohannan 3-0

 3rd Ken Weinman 4th Kyle Lucas 5th Phillip Montoya

 3.5  Tom Allison def Kelly Anders 3-2 3rd Julia Sheppard

 4th Andrew Martinez 

Others: Jonathan Gutierrez & Lallman Poolay

 3.0  Vernon Bradley def Marisa Reimers 3-2

 3rd Roseann Fitzpatrick 4th Jason Yurcic

 2.0  Yvonne Grinnell def Annie Coburn 3-1 3rd Mira Furgash


Womens Open Ysabel Espinoza def Emily Arzate 15-14, 15-12

3rd Cyd Evans 4th Roseann Fitzpatrick

Womens B Marisa Reimers def Yvonne Grinnell 15-0, 13-15, 11-7

3rd Rana Russell 4th Lora Olson

Womens C Colleen Stinar def Lora Olson 15-7, 15-13

3rd (tie) Monique Ethier & Lynne Tyner

5th (tie) Diana Jowers & Annie Coburn

Womens D Monique Ethier def Lynne Tyner 15-12, 15-3

3rd Diana Jowers

Mens Open Andrew Clarke def Daniel Bautista 15-14, 15-8

3rd (tie) Ken Cheshire & Ramon Gomez

1/4s Jonathan Gutierrez, Dominic Maestas, Kyle Lucas,

Marcos Jimenez

Mens Elite Dominic Maestas def Marcos Jimenez 15-10, 7-15, 11-9

3rd (tie) Kyle Lucas & Jonathan Gutierrez

5th (tie) Donovan Duran, Riley Sievers, Dan Cannady

Mens A Nick Lucas def Gary Flores 10-15, 15-8, 11-9

3rd Michael Ytuarte 4th Tucker Green

Mens B Clayton Blaylock def Joe Keeton 15-7, 8-15, 11-5

3rd Ken Weinman 4th George Paul

Mens C Mike Bodo def Michael Ytuarte 15-7, 15-13

3rd (tie) Josh Montero & Steve Caruso

5th (tie) Rich Espinoza & Tim Cordova

Mens D Josh Montero def Rich Espinoza 15-3, 15-4

3rd Tim Cordova

Mens Masters Richard Hammer def Nick Lucas 15-11, 15-8

3rd Dan Cannady 4th Mike Morales

Mixed Open Emily Arzate & Tim Cohen def

Patty Greene & Herman Hernandez 15-11, 15-13

3rd (tie) Rana Russell/Tucker Green & Frossene King/Gary Flores

Mixed Int Yvonne Grinnell & Vernon Bradley def

Marisa Reimers & Mike Bodo 15-13, 9-15, 11-9

3rd Monique Ethier & Joe Keeton

Womens Open Dbls Patty Greene & Patricia Thieman def

Emily Arzate & Cyd Evans 15-4, 3-15, 11-6

Womens Int Dbls Laura Arnold & Marisa Reimers def

Ysabel Espinoza & Yvonne Grinnell 15-5, 15-3

3rd Monique Ethier & Rana Russell

Mens Open Dbls Andrew Clarke & Remy Feldman def

 Ken Cheshire & Kyle Lucas 9-15, 15-13, 11-5

3rd Herman Hernandez & Dominic Maestas

Mens A Doubles Gary Flores & Butch Wilder def

Ken Weinman & Tucker Green 15-9, 15-7

3rd Dave Wellington & George Paul

Mens 80+ Doubles Art Hurley & Ken Karmel

Supreme Athlete Awards

(Women) 1st Frossene King 8 points

2nd Marisa Reimers 7 points

3rd Roseann Fitzpatrick 4 points

(Men) 1st Ramon Gomez 10 points

2nd Jonathan Gutierrez 8 points

3rd Raaj Mohan  7 points

 James Golden officiating doubles final...
  Top tier ' national chair' player in 80's

James Golden officiating doubles final... Top tier ' national chair' player in 80's