Report from Lubbock & More (May 16-19) 

Thousands came to Lubbock to experience Commencement at Tech. One hundred convened at Zach’s Club on 78th Street for the second M & M Racquetball Classic. Half of them played across 13 divisions. There was a lot of energy throughout the weekend!  Many thanks to:

…Sharan & Ed Mooney for their vision and professionalism.

… Joe Williams, who ventured down from Colorado Springs, for his floor stewardship.

…Ryan Brown (Joe Brown Insurance), and Stan Sisson, sponsorships.   They allow us to make a 

contribution to both the IRF Development Fund and New Mexico Jelso Scholarship. Results:

Mens Open Glenn Martineau def Oscar Gutierrez 15-3, 15-13

3rd Stan Sisson 4th Shane Carlson 1/4s Guy Coggins, Ty Stolp,

Juan Caamano, Tyrone Gilmore 9th (tie) Cliff Ward, Chris Wright

Men Elite Tyrone Gilmore def Guy Coggins 9-15, 15-8, 11-3

3rd (tie) Juan Caamano, Ty Stolp 5th (tie) Cliff Ward, Chris Wright

Mens A John Shurbet def Rod Petty 15-11, 15-11 3rd Ronnie Pittman

4th Brian Pasko 1/4s Larry Wood, Marcus Flores, Bobby Garcia,

Don Noyes 9th (tie) Robert Fillingim, David Kessler

Mens B Marcus Flores def Bobby Garcia 15-8, 15-7 3rd Don Noyes

4th Larry Wood 5th (tie) Don Noyes, Robert Fillingim

Mens C Randy Pierce def David Vaughn 13-15, 15-8, 11-7

3rd Trevor Smith 4th Verena Pierce 5th (tie) Joshua Montero,

Robert Fillingim 7th Ed Mooney

Mens D Ed Mooney def Joshua Montero 15-7, 15-3 3rd Robert Fillingim

4th Larry Wood

Novice Ricky Green def Jim Cole 15-12, 15-8 3rd Joe Sport

Open Doubles Mark Jackson & Cliff Ward def

Tyrone Gilmore & Glenn Martineau 15-5, 15-11

3rd (tie) Guy Coggins/Oscar Gutierrez & Juan Caamano/John Mendez

Elite Doubles Shane Carlson & Jason Willis def

Stan Sisson & Ty Stolp 15-12, 15-13

3rd (tie) Rashid Al-Hmoud/Piyush Mittal & Ryan Brown/Ronnie Pittman

A Doubles Gary Meador & John Shurbet def 

Rashid Al-Hmoud & Neal Garcia 15-13, 12-15, 11-6

3rd Piyush Mittal & Girish Vallabhan

B Doubles Craig Boling & Ryan Brown def

Randy Pierce & Jason Willis 15-12, 15-7

3rd Bobby Garcia & Brian Pasko

C Doubles Mark Jackson & Chris Morgan def

Ed Mooney & Randy Pierce 14-15, 15-3, 11-5

3rd Robert Fillingim & Larry Wood

Mixed Rhonda King & Kevin King def

Verena Pierce & Randy Pierce 15-9, 15-14

3rd Sharan Mooney & Ed Mooney


June 14-19 National Senior Games; NMSW—Midtown/Downtown, Albq.

June 26-30 Ralph Waddington New Mexico Games; NMSW Midtown, Albq.

August 27-31 35th IRF World Senior Racquetball Championships;

NMSW Midtown, Riverpoint, Downtown, Albq.

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 James Golden officiating doubles final...
  Top tier ' national chair' player in 80's

James Golden officiating doubles final... Top tier ' national chair' player in 80's